Samvedna – A foundation is an attempt to arrange resources for the education and empowerment of women and providing adequate medical facility to improve their life style, so that they can lead an esteemed life.

The condition of women is the mirror of a society. It presents the cultural, moral and social circumstances of any era. No doubt today the women have got various privileges but still there is much left which needs to be done. Poverty, illiteracy and gender discrimination still prevails in rural as well as urban areas. Dowry system is still one of the major concerns and female feticide is growing with leaps and bounds.

Samvedna creates a social awareness especially those related to the rights of women in society. It aims at empowering women to handle problems like female feticide, health, issues, education, aids awareness and crime against women. Samvedna helps women in generating self employment along with providing free education, uniform, fees, stationary and every help to poor and intelligent girls. It also arranges marriage for poor orphan girls who are below poverty line. Medical and other facilities of daily amenities are also provided to poor and widows. The overall aim of Samvedna is to provide every possible help to the poor and needy women.